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Jan 12, 2013 9:00pm EST
responsibility and accountability. dook at the e.u. -- look at the e.u. did the e.u. destroy greece or did greece destroy the e.u.? it's probably both. but they both blame each other. all of this arises from intergovernmental corporation and commandeering. they have the example of commandeering in front of them. and we'll see the article of confederation and they wrote the constitution that prohibits this and makes it very, very difficult. the second objection to justice briar or the objection to the second part, well, if the feds wants to send a swarm of officers, let them try as language la already suggested they can't and they won't. and if they do they will have to pay the fiscal and the political price. so i think in a weird way it would actually be great if we have f.b.i. agents and in santa clara breaking down the doors of gravely ill pot smokers that will tell people more than the cato institute. one last point about this and i'll end. you see the force of the anti-commandeering rule and something that justin mentioned and that is the affordable care act. this seems far removed but it isn
Jan 13, 2013 1:00pm PST
made on the eu level, but the construction of power lines is subject to national law. this is why the czech energy ministry is unhappy. >> it isery hard to make progress here, to get it except that the approval of new power lines has to be subordinated to pan-european interests. at least when it is a matter of grids, that would affect all of europe. politically, that is hardly conceivable right now, and we will never achieve a new european infrastructure this way. >> it is european regionalism -- when the wind blows in germany, the lines will keep running hot in the czech republic, so the czech reblics investing some 100 million euros to install phase shifters on the german border. they regulate the current. then, when too much current surges over from germany, the chip grid can simply turn it off, even if that blows some fuses in germany. >> 2013 is a so-called super election-year in austria, meaning that voters will go to the polls several times. regional parliaments are due to be elected in four of the country's states ts sprg, followed by the national election of the federal p
Jan 12, 2013 8:00pm EST
by the eu level, and we have been under investigation for almost two years by the commissioner there and his staff. we have given over literally millions of documents. we do not think we violated any european laws, but you know, we are happy to be part of the conversation. we are waiting on what they decide to do. we are negotiating. they announced that publicly. and the united states, the law is similar, but different. in our case, the government decided to have the anti-trade commission to look at this. again, i do not see the consumer harm under section ii, and we'll ask the government to come back and give us examples of violations of the law. we have not seen that. we are also in negotiations with them. and that is probably all we should say. we are hopeful -- the ideal scenario would be that we come to a mutual agreement with both. >> thinking about that, and you mentioned these other initiatives york involved in. is there -- how do you decide where to focus, what to focus on when you look at planning for 2013? you have such a huge range of things. >> you used the wrong word. you do no
Jan 12, 2013 11:00pm EST
in europe and the u.s. the european process is a finding at the e.u. level. we have been for investigation for it almost two years by the commissioner there and his staff. during this period, they comment from everybody and we give them literally millions of documents. we are busy negotiating with them. we don't think we violated any european laws, but we're happy to have the conversation and we're sort of now waiting on with a they decide to do. we have been negotiating back and forth and they have announced that publicly. in the united states, the law is similar but different if the way it's applied. in our indication, the government to have the federal trade commission look at this and a similar investigation is underway. there were a series of hearings. i testified at the hearings and, again, i don't see the consumer arm under section 2 and we have asked the government to come back and give us the examples of things which are violations of law. we haven't seen that yet. we are also in negotiations with them. that's probably all i should say. what i would say is we talk to these people
Jan 13, 2013 8:00am EST
and then the eu, arms embargo in 2004, a flood of weaponry came into libya. most of it was over a billion dollars, which in absolute terms may not be that great but relative to what was there before and what the purpose is, what it was used for, created, i was an unfair playing field. you couldn't say that we were, your, this was not a usual issue a source we were concerned. that process, and i argue, as i argue in the book, was very much tied to the whole issue of ask not, putting accountability in place for, you know, what we would get, what gadhafi would not do as a result of the agreements that were signed with him. a lot of people, i think that weaponry, again, small arms, surveillance equipment, all of the sort of things you'd need to put down a popular revolt was put in the hands of the regime, essentially due to complicity and lack of attention by parties in the west. so that's one, one thing. as far as what president, civil war, you know, civil wars are, you know, that's a key question, and i don't -- the preponderance come in, the rebels themselves managed to present a case that ask for
Jan 13, 2013 12:00am EST
the world. did you see this poster from the e.u.? showing all the symbols of europe? it showed a cross, the star of david and the muslim crescent and so on and the hammer and sickle. there is an outcry from the lithuanians and i asked why does it take the lithuanians ,-com,-com ma why aren't we in the west sympathetic enough to sufferers persecuted under communism to object ourselves? why leave it to these folks but there it was. i am fairly relaxed about these common symbols. if you see a guy with the ccc piece white shirt and you see these trinkets and hammers and sickles and so on. i once did a study of this, simple magazine piece, and some people say it's proof that we weren't that we can mock that. is just kind of funny. you don't see swastikas and he don't see pictures of goering on t-shirts and you don't have people say it's just a t-shirt. daniels points out che guevara only took one good picture in his life. he looks like a movie star in the picture. he got his cheekbones just right but other pictures he wasn't that much really, honestly. this is all regarded in chambers reall
Jan 13, 2013 8:30am PST
123450eu6789. >> schieffer: you're favoring getting out of there. >> the quicker the better. >> schieffer: should we leave a residual force there of some kind. >> bob i would think i've been there twice now as a governor and as a u.s. senator and i believe we have some strategic especially the force base. that's a tremendous opportunity strategic point for us to launch from to protect our troops for our special forces to operate out of. i would did he ever to the experts -- defer to the experts and professionals on that. we have this war on terror not just from our generation but our children's and grandchildren's. we have to be able to strike at terror before it strikes us. >> schieffer: i don't think there's any question we have denied al-qaeda a save haven in afghanistan but they now have a safe haven in pakistan. what do we do with pakistani. >> i approve of the jones strikes there. i'm one that says we should use all the technology we have to protect america and americans without putting them in harm's way. that's been very effective. we've been able to strike and tak
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)